There are a number of instructional programs all across the Pacific Northwest for the young basketball athlete that their parents have to choose from. Things such as cost, facilities held in, location, days of week and times and relative expertise in coaching all need to be considered. At Competitive Edge, we consider coaching to be the most important of those items, if you have a choice.

     The quality of instruction and the ability to relate the curriculum to the athlete  of different ages, sizes and experiences is very important. They are quite different in skill and maturity levels, and it takes experienced, seasoned basketball coaches to understand what they need and how to put drills and ideas together.

     Coaches become better coaches after a number of years of coaching, not from experiences playing. Playing helps teach a player how to play and coaching in the coaching community with other coaches with seasons of coaching under their belts allows an individual to grow in the business. Anyone can use the title of coach, but if the best someone can tell you about their coaching background tells you where they played, it is because they are beginners in the coaching business.

     How to motivate athletes, how and when to correct, knowing when to stop a player or group for improvement takes  years of experience. If your daughter was having trouble in her 6th grade math class, would you hire someone because they are now a 7th grader and passed 6th grade math last year? To suggest that a coach is really a good one because they were a good player at whatever level simply couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Look at program websites to check out coach’s resumes. We really work hard at hiring excellent coach’s, that are almost all hired by high schools and colleges and have spent a considerable amount of time in the coaching business and successful programs. They have been winners in solid programs and bring with them the halo of success, something that breeds success for the people they are responsible to. We know we are at the top of the food chain when it comes to coaching expertise.