1) This is a real chance to find out how you compare with other All-Stars as well as finding out your real strengths and weaknesses. playing around good players will show you what you need in your game.
2) Each athlete will get to take home their camp uniforms to go along with great memories of 3 days with other Elite players and surrounded by high caliber high school and college coaches.
3) 3 days, working and playing against All-Stars like yourself from all across the Pacific Northwest will tell you what your game includes and needs. It will also introduce you personally to many of the best players in your grade in the whole region. On top of that, is a chance to be listed as one of the best players at your position.
4) Isn't it time the Pacific Northwest has a real All-Star combine for incoming 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls and boys like the rest of the United States has?
5) Players will be rated by 10 to 16 professional and highly experienced coaches. You will be rated in skill workouts, scrimmage time, contests and 6 games that stats will be kept for. We believe we can get a solid read on each player in attendance.
6) Besides basketball, meetings will be held with the athletes encouraging academic performance, team membership and how to improve their game.