POINT GUARD ACADEMY        Registration opens in May

Game Management

Time, score, ahead, behind, versus runners, walkers, when to foul, when to take chances, when not to foul, when not to take chances, must control emotions, no trash talking, understand and practice our philosophy for all sorts of game conditions that take place during games and particularly late in games.  READ MORE


You are in charge. This is your team! You show no fear, you are not afraid of making a mistake, and the team focus is always on “us”. Give the ball up quickly to open teammates unless there is a distinct reason not to. Teammates will learn quickly as to your intentions. You need to be unselfish by not looking to score first unless the coach wants you to and says so in front of teammates. As a matter of fact, you look for opportunities for your squad members to score. If they are not rewarded for getting open, for running the floor on the break, they will quickly figure out to stop working to get open because it doesn’t pay often. If a good opportunity for you to  score appears, then capitalize on it. READ MORE


The Point Guard needs to learn how to create extra time without manipulating the ball, such as backing up and re-setting the closely guarded count, but you can only use it once at a time and a few times in the same game. READ MORE


You need to know the whole offense and defense, the philosophy behind each, what we are ultimately trying to accomplish, our main scheme, what all five players do, correct sets, patterns and expected outcomes. In this regard, you are like the quarterback in football. This creates another coach on the floor, closer to the action, able to communicate in the middle of the battle. Execution of what we do must be the chief task of both the coach as well as the Point Guard. Good to great teams function well together, and all five players on the floor know what and how we are doing things. Team discipline starts with the Point Guard. READ MORE



The Point Guard needs to spend more time in the gym that most other players. Skill refinement is necessary because of the time you have the ball and your job of controlling the offense. We might be able to survive a player at another position, that we play because they can rebound the ball or are a very important defender for us by not getting them the ball in tough situations. Your ball handling skills, court vision, coolness under pressure means you really have to be careful and protective of the ball. It takes a lot of time to develop those kind of skills. READ MORE