1.Question: What is purpose of the Combines


A Combine allows you to meet other All-Stars like yourself from across the whole Pacific Northwest and gives you the chance to compete head to head. At the end of the Combine, final stats will be listed for everyone on the website along with a rating system so you can see how you compare with everyone in that grade and by positions.

The Combine allowed us to see your athlete stack up individually against each other from a positional stand point, the second day saw them integrated into groups and asked to show more in terms of their ability to operate within a group setting.

We will have 2 morning (6:30-7:15a.m.), non cumpulsory skill sessions.
Day 1  Escaping with the basketball on the dribble and becoming more efficient and productive in finishing the play.  
Day 2  Additional position work with point guards, wings and posts.

We will also have a series of meetings, discussing position skills needed by players(such as point guards seeing the floor), the importance of the academic side of school, how to be a valued member of a team, student body or community and how to work on your game to improve where it is needed as soon as you can make it happen.
In all activities during the 3 days, the athletes will receive part of their final rankings. Attitudes, hard work, skill levels, learning desires will all be measured by our 15 or more coaches helping us with the rating system.