(1)   The Point Guard needs to spend more time in the gym that most other players. Skill refinement is necessary because of the time you have the ball and your job of controlling the offense. We might be able to survive a player at another position, that we play because they can rebound the ball or are a very important defender for us by not getting them the ball in tough situations. Your ball handling skills, court vision, coolness under pressure means you really have to be careful and protective of the ball. It takes a lot of time to develop those kind of skills.

(2)   Point Guards need to think pass first and shoot second unless your coach dictates the opposite and if they do want you to shoot more often, the team should be let in on that decision so teammates understand it is not you looking out for yourself.

(3)   Success at this position comes as much from what is “above the neck” on your body as it is to what is below the neck. It is not just what you can do with a basketball that counts, but also what you know and understand about the game.

(4)   You must be a good foul shooter, because in close, late game situations, you will have the ball in your hands against full and half court defenses probably gambling and chasing the ball. If you are not efficient from here, you need to work on it and improve those numbers.

(5)   If you are a good outside shooter, it forces the “D” to extend out farther to pick you up and makes containment more difficult for them. If they have to extend, it basically makes you a little quicker to escape with the ball on dribble penetration, adding to your value as an offensive weapon. Here again, if not a solid shooter from the outside, you need to spend time on a basket somewhere.

(6)   Hurting and being tired are part of every practice and game. You play above it personally and model it for those teammates.

(7)   Keep teammates involved offensively in both practice and games. Know who hasn’t touched the ball for awhile and make a point of getting them the ball. They will usually respond by continuing to work hard and do their share.